Providing you with simple and comprehensible tutorials that will transform you from novice to master in relatively no time at all. We offer online live classes as well as study materials and guides in various formats from text to video.

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About Us

Rockect Tutorials is a subsidiary of Rockect Solutions, a technical company dedicated to bringing world-class solutions to all. At Rockect Tutorials we provide intelligible tutorials in various relevant aspects of programming, using innovative technologies to enhance the efficiency of services delivered. We provide live online classes in various courses, where tutors and students are in sync, interacting with one another in real time. Also we provide personal (one-on-one) training. where we tailor learning to the individual needs of students.

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What we offer

Comprehensible tutorials

Simple, comprehensive, easy to understand tutorials.

Live interactive classes

Live classes where students can interact with one another and tutors in real time.

Problem-based learning

Learning through experience by working on projects and solving problems.

Professional tutors

Tutors are professionals in their fields with years of experience and success.

Personal (one-on-one) tutoring

One-on-one private tutoring sessions tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses of students.


Enroll in certification examinations to get certified in newly acquired skills.

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